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Feel free to drop us a line. We really enjoy hearing from everyone. In this day and age of the interweb and the information superdriveway there are plenty of ways to connect directly with us. We do appreciate the Facebook likes and even the like-likes, if you know what we mean. We also appreciate our YouTube subscribers. So connect with us and get the latest news and updates from the Californios, where it is all about us.

We are currently expanding the store and have recently joined up with our friends at TwangN Bang Records. We will be adding more CDs and custom vinyl releases. We will also be adding music from bands that we like and collaborate with. Please contact the Californios Management with any questions or items that you are interested in buying.

Californios Mgmt
Tel: 916.410.6278

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We enjoy playing clubs and bars, wineries and brew pubs, benefits, fundraisers and even backyard parties. We can play for an hour or five hours. Let us know what you like to hear or leave it up to us, we simply ask that you get down or get out. We can also provide you with references to make your decision to book MB&TC an easy one.

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